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Designing For Scale

I’ve built the technology stack for multiple startups from the ground up. When you design for scale from the start, your site is ready when you get traction, and the cost of designing for scale isn't any higher. You just need to hire the right team to lay the right foundation under a solid architecture.

A slow-loading website will frustrate potential customers and hurt your Page Rank. The time to discover poor performance isn't when you're just reaching your first users. Many will never return after a poor experience. You only have one chance to make a good first impression.

A solid architecture means it's easier to make changes, or even to pivot. The longer you work with a solid team, the more you will feel the benefits. We can keep your development velocity high throughout the project.

You need a world-class expert to help you build the best technologies for your business.


You want your business to run like a well-oiled machine. Less experienced developers may build a house of cards that will crash down the moment something unexpected happens.


You want your business to grab headlines, but not the kind where your web site has leaked personal information or credit cards to scam artists.


You want business technologies built with the right tools for you. You need more than just nails, so don’t settle for a developer who has only a hammer. You can do better.

I’ve helped companies like yours save hundreds of thousands of dollars in infrastructure costs.

Tell me what you need your technology to do for you, and I’ll give you a free business technology evaluation. You can hire me to develop your project, or take it to another developer for a bid.

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