When you’re done wasting your time and money on novices


You're looking for ways to increase customer interaction. I worked for over twenty years in the game industry designing interactive experiences. I've watched as people succeeded, and I've watched as they've failed, and I bring all of those lessons with me to your project.

I Understand Fun

I will look at your product or business and work with you to come up with activities that are fun, not just follow some arbitrary formula, because fun is not one size fits all.

Fun can be addictive, but fun and addiction are separate. Some attempts at gamification rely too much on addiction, and those attempts inevitably fail. You need both.

I Understand Business Engagement

As part of my early education I learned how to think about user experience and interaction. I've studied the best ways to encourage users, and importantly, I've studied how many companies have tried and failed to add gamification by simply "adding points" or offering random rewards.

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I can offer a free thirty minute consultation and present to you a bid based on your needs.

Increase customer engagement

Describe your business process and I can work out a way to help you engage your customers without enraging them.

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