About CodeRescue

You need a world-class expert to help you build exceptional technologies for your business.

Tim Mensch founded CodeRescue to help founders achieve their visions. He has been developing software of all types, from games to high performance servers to IoT firmware, for over thirty years.

Not all developers are created equal. If you're here, you have likely discovered this on your own. If you hire a team led by a gifted developer, you will find many aspects of the project will go much more smoothly.

Customer Communication

Tim won't just blindly "do what you ask." He will ask why you are asking for a particular feature. Sometimes there are much less costly ways to achieve the same goals.

Solid Foundation

Tim can create a solid foundation to support the rest of your project.

Agility in Development

Many consultants talk about "agile". To have true agility you need to be able to really understand what it is you're developing. And you need the raw speed that only the best developers can demonstrate.

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Our values

We produce products we can be proud of.

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    Integrity and Ethics

    We won't work on products we don't believe in, or that seem designed to harm or scam people. Tim believes that most cryptocurrency and NFT products fall into that category, and has refused many "Web3" contracts as a result.

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    Dedication to Learning

    Tim stays abreast of current developments in programming, software architecture, tools, and AI research, so that he can advise you on the best technologies to use for your particular needs.

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    Beyond the Bare Minimum

    Many consultants seem to have the attitude of, "if it works for me, it's done." Tim keeps the team focused on building code that works under all conditions, not just the first test case the developer thought to try.