When you’re done wasting your time and money on novices

Rescuing Your Project

When you've invested time and money into an existing project, it's hard to see it with fresh eyes.

Is your code broken?

I can come in and perform a code audit to help give you a realistic picture of where your project really stands.

You need a plan to move forward

I can bring years of experience to bear, working with you to determine the minimal amount of work required to go from where you are to where you want your project to be.

Technical leadership you need

I am the expert technical cofounder that your startup needs, but I’m not asking for half of your company. I've turned around dozens of projects throughout my career, taking absolute disasters and repairing or rebuilding them as necessary to create a working product.

You need a world-class expert to help you build the best technologies for your business.


You want your business to run like a well-oiled machine. Less experienced developers may build a house of cards that will crash down the moment something unexpected happens.


You want your business to grab headlines, but not the kind where your web site has leaked personal information or credit cards to scam artists.


You want business technologies built with the right tools for you. You need more than just nails, so don’t settle for a developer who has only a hammer. You can do better.

I’ve helped companies like yours save hundreds of thousands of dollars in infrastructure costs.

Tell me what you need your technology to do for you, and I’ll give you a free business technology evaluation. You can hire me to develop your project, or take it to another developer for a bid.

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